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#15923: muscle building 002
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 really gets me fired up for the workout gets everything going really good
 summer but wants to put this into my head shake-up to get started and then
 offer to scoop said it yes for support the %uh next five they don’t want
 to talk about is this one belittling brand of gloomy that glutamine is a
 an essential amino acid that really helps with the muscle building process
 it also is one of the most prevalent amino acid in the body and is used a
 lot by your that by your intestine but is used to %uh fire muscles also
 see want to make sure especially during times of stress andworking out
 hard that he had extra looming in the system so that your body is not to
 play tug-o-war with your intestines to get that extra glue mean that you
 need for themuscle building process good to me as an amino acid that
 accounts for approximately 60 percent offal the amino acids in your body
 the muscle tissue contains an especiallyhigh concentration a gloomy good
 we can help to prevent muscle tissue breakdown increases protein synthesis
 and evening increases glycogen storagein the muscles really love this
 product because it helps to protect my muscles omitted one scoop with this
 summer to put it into my pre-workout drink along with my super church
 effect that given by the supercharger also has women in there but I like
 to get extra summit but will expand their and the next thing that I want
 to talk to you about is this branch chain amino acids now you guys have
 probably heard about branched chain amino acids they are occurs probably
 about 35percent of the amino acid make up a pure muscles it's very
 important amino acid combination a consistent loosing isoleucine invade me
 branched chain amino acids are metabolized and directly in the muscle
 tissue and help to preventmuscle breakdown of fatigue during the workout
 afterwards it helps to promote muscle protein synthesis and it speeds up
 recovery and promotesup anabolic hormone production so it's very important
 to have branched chain amino acids are brendafrench in amino acids are
 from action a murder which are pharmaceutical break amino acids that are
 the very best in the world it's all things good with this branchedchain
 amino acid it up put it into my shake just to provide a little bit of
 extra protection against muscle breakdownduring the workout also want to
 say one more thing about branched chain amino acids and that is that they
 are known to stimulate the AM or pathwaywhich is one of the pathways that
 stimulates muscle issue production so very important to amino acid
 combination now we have theseproducts here the French chairs in the blue
 means to protect against muscle breakdown during the workout we got the
 supercharged to provide the pomp theenergy to focus on all the performance
 nutrients that we need the last thing that we need is this its power car
 it's a source of fuel goes into systemvery very quickly and helped to
 energize you must like Houston really move these nutrients into the muscle
 because it helps promote the increase in insulin our car forces glycogen

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