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#15930: weight loss pidgin
 Reporter:  adamchris123                |      Owner:  EionRobb
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 arms I just got really big boy and I have quite hit I am I kind of pin
 want most right in these days like what before lost last time out
 russiahad big boobs and moment but has a truck still nothing gold I'm not
 happy about my dreams mashing this week has been a very long I'm sorry
 like I don't know how to cut down to say everything I need to in that they
 have now on then so be it I’m site those are you really want to watch will
 watch it by ear I'm unusual as I did but the committee soccer I mean my
 boyishly shit kind of change now lot more narrow I'm I've lost some stuff
 on my of my ions but I haven't actually wasn't much like so is start from
 the beginning with this started losing weight I wasn’t trying to lose way
 I knew I was eating unhealthily would 8 not necessarily unhealthy all the
 time most the time I G take place every day ahead taking mystery is baking
 and it I'm I would 8 what I ate cheese and crackers althea time I am pasta
 it was like thing I for dinner all the time I love to cook pasta a all the
 time I am just things like that and I state that portions so I started
 doing is using my fitness Paulo Clint employment.
  calorie counter I'm not [http://zencleansehealth.com/ Zen Cleanse] even
 straight away I'm before I even studied councilman carries okay this is my
 highest white I was and this isn't in hand this is in kilograms saw it
 only if the tapes ok tee but last year I was 63 points killers I am
 currently about 56 killers which initially under Mike away but I'll call
 about this I'm saw her do it from October to December obviously I wasn't
 trying to .

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