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#15931: weight loss permantly1
 Reporter:  robbyedward      |      Owner:  seanegan
     Type:  task             |     Status:  new
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  Version:  2.10.9           |   Keywords:  Zen Cleanse
 comes to the morbidly obese every time you tell me you can't do something
 with a friend soon as you can there's no one better with the in the year
 two hundred fifty pounds that snacks or is it the ratio elementary PD
 teacher who left heron way get out of control have always been pretty girl
 trapped inside a bag girl's body following at only 21 years old she’d
 given up on life and take to this with so embarrassed thing do whatever it
 takes go lucky for her Chris is about to get her life back in contralto be
 the next hour you'll see them Morton year of her life it won't be easyyeah
 you'll see her [http://zencleansehealth.com/ ZEN CLEANSE] two things she
 never dreamed she fired leading up to a fine way 365 days Ste alright so
 I'm 21 and I am 220 pounds overweight it makes me think honestly because I
 feel like I'm a disappointment no one else in my family is there a way am
 quarterly the Gulf and they're like I am the one who sticks out here and
 thanks mom when we sit down to eat I eat with the family eats we don't
 talk about how morbidly obese I am like if I did ever go away myself out a
 lot of parents I ever wanted topsoil appearance I feel like my whole
 entire life is display miss like nothing mad do I won homecoming queen 01
 valedictorian I have a trophy case for trophies not that even seems like
 it's ever compensate for the fact that I am disappointment because our way
 and I don't think I could ever really make my peers crowd until Oct do
 always this way 0 yeah PDF are you down white boxy 3 by my you 3 I am the
 PT sir clearing of I want to see TN perfect jumping Jack's ok I get out
 there at 220 pounds overweight and I get out there talking about access
 and they are you ready set get why I could hear you paint the statistics
 are against me there's so many obese people that passed away because the
 complications because they're away I Christophe mute for this because I
 don’t want to be a statistic I want this and I need this more than
 anything where outside Regional School where she teaches although first-
 graders PE she has she has no idea that I'm here paint some now it's
 pretty good Fri Jul she's the proverbial overachiever she does everything
 so well and the one thing that she just has not been able to Carter is
 awake she struggled with it all her life and Brit sheer audacity and I
 read your letter I just knew this you be a perfect transformation nah yeah
 class today oh yeah his name Chris grit but guess what and choose you
 feared I flew all the way across the country to get yes good for yeah
 Sarah this means that I have a future that means that I am here enough I'm
 so ready

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