[Pidgin] #3066: We need a functional donations page.

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Fri Feb 7 04:17:40 EST 2014

#3066: We need a functional donations page.
 Reporter:  kstange             |       Owner:  kstange
     Type:  task                |      Status:  closed
Milestone:  Completed Web Site  |   Component:  webpage
  Version:  2.1.1               |  Resolution:  out of date
 Keywords:  donations           |

Comment (by MarkDoliner):

 I outlined our general stance on bounties on our [wiki:SoCAndBountyIdeas]
 wiki page. We're not against them, but people interested in working for
 bounties will need to take on the responsibility of nagging us developers
 to determine what bug fixes/features we're willing to accept, and we can't
 guarantee any sort of turnaround time for code reviews--we just don't have
 the manpower.

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