[Pidgin] #3066: We need a functional donations page.

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Fri Feb 7 07:09:15 EST 2014

#3066: We need a functional donations page.
 Reporter:  kstange             |       Owner:  kstange
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  Version:  2.1.1               |  Resolution:  out of date
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Comment (by loomchild):

 Thanks for adding BountyFunding to the wiki.

 The thing is that it's hosted by the project itself and connected with the
 issue tracker using a plugin. In other words, unlike other crowdfunding
 solutions mentioned there, users can't just sponsor Pidgin issues on
 bountyfunding.org website right now, it needs to be configured in Pidgin's

 Benefit is that the community controls which issues can be sponsored (for
 example only accepted or assigned ones) and everything is in on place (no
 synchronization necessary, single website to look for users and devs,
 etc.) There also no fees and project fully controls the donations - they
 can be split between the developer implementing the feature and the
 project fund for example.

 Please feel free to leave the link to BountyFunding on the wiki or remove
 it as it is currently irrelevant.

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