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#15943: weight loss activities 01
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 am 220 pounds every way it makes me think honestly because I feel like I'm
 a disappointment no one else in my family is there a way am would really
 be of an early I am the one who sticks out here and think home when we sit
 down [http://garciniumpuregarcinia.com/ GARCINIUM] to eat I eat with the
 family eats we don't talk about how morbidly obese I am like if I did ever
 go away myself out a lot of parents I ever wanted topsoil appearance I
 feel like my whole entire life is display miss like nothing mad do I won
 homecoming queen 01 valedictorian I have a trophy case for trophies not
 that even seems like a true ever compensate for the fact that I am a
 disappointment because I'll wait and I don't think I could ever really
 make appears crowd until Oct do lose this weight yeah Viet are you down
 white boxy 3 by my you 3 I a.m. the PT sir we're not I want to see TN
 perfect jumping Jack's ok I get out there at 220 pounds overweight and I
 get out there talking about access and they are you ready set go why I
 could hear you paint this process takes are against me there’s so many
 obese people that passed away because the complications because they're
 away I Christophe music for this because I don’t want to be a statistic I
 want this and I need this more than anything where outside Regional School
 where she teaches a little first-graders PE and she has she has no idea
 that I’m here some now is bringing yeah Fri Jul she's the proverbial
 overachiever she does everything so well and the one thing that she just
 has not been able to conquer is your way she struggled with it all her
 life and she brought it to me and I read a letter I just knew miss you be
 a perfect transformation nah class today oh yeah his name Chris grit but
 guess what and choose you yeah I flew all the way across the country to
 get yes going to for yeah Sarah this means that I have a future that means
 that I am sure and I'm until ready for Hannah I in the year many spending
 a lot of time together over the next year and she's going to go on a lot
 to be and I now got twelve months your life is going to change for
 castrated Evans Saturday Iran yeah I guess you might now that I surprise
 Rachel the next steps due camp I within 24 hours wonderfully LosAngeles
 one week you ready your alright you camp is alone-week crash course where
 quarter individual out to the environment which they got past in fewer
 completely neutral environment where I can keeps them everything that they
 will need to know to transform all welcome to the California health
 longevity Institute well Gary phalanx I'm feeling good I’m ready to get
 ago and I'm ready to get started by growth goes through this so much I
 ready to

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