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#15944: weight loss permantly1 021
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 skinny not always be like more just let me know it feels like thank you
 yeah your confidence in me helped me to have confidence in myself and why
 campaign this past year I will never forget I will be a great fall to you
 for the rest of my life you gave me a printer is just a little key to
 unlock your potential I'm n you found it and I'm just I'm so crowd strong
 hey I is your IQ and finally here I would not yet know how I lost the
 fifty-pound this year 150 where did you go through the way hopefully how
 he got it out but with no nasal better do it to watch the video from
 beginning and so you don't miss anything because you ask your question
 there are used in this video I'm just referring back to video itself yeah
 make sure you describe I’m going to follow videos as well anything that I
 am down video will be in another video without
 [http://garciniumpuregarcinia.com/ GARCINIUM] further adieu last edited
 video you school you kids rare ballistic I want to be won 58 59 just like
 your snow the high that way the house calculators Tommy with the ideal way
 when I finally got on some life any I felt like I was to get out on you
 guys this the house I want you guys to not go allot of freaking number
 it's just that when he was like doctor and mystic the first question the
 acid-base what’s wrong with you of what seems to be the problem you have
 to let them know how you sale before they even a record and a so you that
 when you're trying to come up with your overall pick up please or range
 that he failed last fall in-between and then determine at that point you
 might be a right now even if it's just the jeans I set goals for you got
 to unrealistic and not tenable what's going to happen is you and if
 courage to continue on your journey you're going to be like 11 region is
 not going so well because weave a realistic you know I'm here the list
 it's lifestyle change I hate being an active phone for are turn date you
 hear everywhere he was like a sauna purchasing it to you but it's always
 show hey here after the meeting at least I’ll see if you're using lethal
 rapidly 10 council meeting AYP exercise like that forever she's not going
 to happen even worth it and motivate yourself to reach your goals and 20
 certain overnight could tuck more than a day for you to gain weight felt
 like to thank you double that to lose it a home in on your list is for
 ever hit that the CIA felt sorrow I'm their legal %uh 20-30 minutes later
 exercise if I did not wake up exercise and then I only ever a few not to
 throughout the day I'm checking my email oh and he has his eyes right now
 they have fail but now Wednesday with everything right and perspective he
 even my water turn off that for info event after over see after that I'm a
 sure that have hockey coffee I do you have a protein shake my hand would
 make breakfast I'll probably be and something from a lot sometimes I have
 director of it is just the way it yak say e every 3-4 hours not that and
 do that I eat with ever I felt hungry okay nor has he eat profit at nine
 o'clock if you hungry 8 o'clock I always tried to eat my dinner to the
 hours before I go to bed some time and I'll I just happen like that but
 most of the time does house Friday not to have a late night snack have
 your meal some work here so 18 all that you have to work all day and make
 sure you have them in your nose Rd packages or season so all you have to-
 do when you get home I just rode of it put yourself on a schedule that you
 have time to cook exercise any that's what I’d that a long explanation
 state on a scale but that’s what I suggest everyone to keep a food journal
 that's what I help me fait on track and field of work precious has wasn't
 each day by all the rage on how much taxes I’ve paid to that day when I
 look back on it week to week and188 what worked what did every week I we
 myself on the same day at the same time 343 I

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