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#15947: weight loss base
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 am so glad you're doing it with me thank you so much guys and I love you
 so much now you the everyone its DNS welcome back to the end share with
 you my weight loss story and I decided to change my life about 10 months
 ago consistently lost 37 pounds and mean winnow just focusing on
 maintaining my wiki keeping I might lose you know those couple more pounds
 but overall I'm very happy with where I am now and I wasn't always 37
 pounds heavier now gain some weight working in an office over the last few
 years and when you just decided to make change didn't just want to lose
 the weight working there I just decided I'm capable anything at once and I
 should really just be achieving maximum potential and I just decided to
 use my life better life for good so I broken up what I didn’t seem like
 top 8 dumb and top each do use and I'm not a doctor shearing you guys what
 I did so you don't have to-do any of the things I'm telling you I didn't
 issue you guys my story and I'm going to start with the don'ts first don't
 [http://garciniumpuregarcinia.com/ GARCINIUM] was no alcohol and the first
 few months my weight loss really just might cut down I had I'll call me
 once month for special occasions within six months ago I just decided tout
 it out completely and that's something that really didn’t help me you know
 achieve my weight loss alcohol is pointless really it's not good for you
 and got calories in it sugar and carbssomething that I cut out completely
 and really help second thing was out sugar so no cookies and candies no .

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