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#15948: weight loss 26
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 excuses there are so many species you can make always to this to can't
 work out I’m too busy I deserves is right 30 it's just one little pieces
 no there's no room for excuses I wanted very badly you change my life the
 in whatever kind reason it is for you that you want to lose weight for
 granted here for your house I was extremely motivated she just changed my
 life and there was no room for excuses no room for have it stays have so
 don't make excuses if you want to succeed you're only hurting yourself
 number is don't stop it your goal I’m not into my fad diets never tried
 anything diets never done and you know things that you people are like
 that Weight Watchers urn Jenny Craig or whatever those things ahead
 they're out there I'm not interested in those really interested in
 changing my life and I'm so please itself now let's move on to dues number
 one thing was make a mule every week before I got the grocery store I sit
 down and think about what do I need for the week and it's not just like
 the kind of grocery list everybody makes now I we plan out meals so
 there's no room forklike on latest tonight we're having you know Chinese
 food I really how many also and that really helps me stay on track I got
 to make a knowing what I'm gannet for dinner knowing that are you happy
 here it really helps you avoid so bad choices number two goes along with
 that is nutritious use my suitcases nutritious foods you can I lots of
 vegetables protein fruits the morning other stuff mourners my body isn't
 don’t creep things like cars so it is much nutritious food is at hand and
 also makes[http://garciniumpuregarcinia.com/ GARCINIUM] your skin amazing
 I quit soon in when I stopped eating I do you sometimes but I cannot do
 you find eat quite a bit it will make a dramatic difference in your skin
 prominent separate you on that sometimes talking about like you know how
 to use and things like that happen wow that ended up being like huge
 motivator for me to continue the nutritious because I saw such a change in
 my skin honorees course .

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