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#15968: skin care 243
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 sometimes I don't hire me the while you're really dry skin and it's a
 little bit more on the dry side but it's usually just pretty normal the
 first ask %uh certain tell you guys what I'm wearing right now my face and
 my and tinted moisturizer and a little bit a loose powder so I'm not
 wearing anyconcealer and I'm not wearing 6 foundation that's covering
 anything allot of things up right now I'm my skin is pretty clear and now
 I’m still right here which really is an track its affiliates is time do
 you guys have my tips for keeping your skin clear and for keeping oil
 under control and for keeping I your skin moisturized and just nice
 looking and Duracell get into it so my first if is SPS always I think a
 lot of people neglecting SPS as part of my daily skincare routine but it's
 really important especially in the summer but encounter as well because
 the Sun is very damaging for your skin a key cause wrinkles and dark spots
 and I have cycle so it makes my freckles like come out a lot more of
 course you all know that the Sun can cause skin cancer later in life so I
 think it's really important to always wear at least an SPF 15 on your face
 for girls are at Highlands tinted moisturizers and TV themes and
 foundation that all spy and I like these to you my first is this USA and
 tinted moisturizer the[http://splendyrantiwrinklefacts.com/ Splendyr] nice
 thing about this moisturizer is that is matte finish so it doesn't make
 you shine me at all on is an SPF 15 and it's just really great tinted
 moisturizer I paper it's printed moisturizer is theNarsingdi moisturizer
 and this definitely goes on with warm BB cream consistency I this is SPF
 30 which is even better and I just love this tinted moisturizer I’m
 wearing it right now and I wear it all summer long I like

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