[Pidgin] #15967: Include option to disable XMPP entity time broadcast

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Tue Feb 11 13:52:29 EST 2014

#15967: Include option to disable XMPP entity time broadcast
 Reporter:  ageisp0lis                  |       Owner:  EionRobb
     Type:  enhancement                 |      Status:  new
Milestone:                              |   Component:  privacy
  Version:  2.10.9                      |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  XMPP, entity time, privacy  |
Changes (by bleeter):

 * owner:  bleeter => EionRobb


 Eion, could please run me up a plugin to do this. I'd rather it see it go
 out as a plugin for now so as to not mess around as much with core Pidgin
 until such time as we have a better grip on what side effects may happen
 by allowing this to be turned off. I'm also mindful that doing things this
 way would probably require at least a small change to the XMPP prpl any
 I'm mindful that if it were included as a prpl option for XMPP, precisely
 nothing might change... but then again those are sort of like famous last
 words (particularly given the level of knowledge I have of libpurple's
 XMPP). There may be other plugins out there which do rely on this
 information and would need some sort of workaround, etc. Hence, I'm eager
 to see the core of libpurple permit this to happen before such time as the
 UI functionality is introduced to Pidgin/Finch/Adium itself (if in fact
 the devs decide that it'd be an OK function to have ship as standard etc.)
 or if they ship a plugin to do so.
 I'm going to suggest that the default option for the plugin should be to
 turn OFF the broadcast. Otherwise, one would enable the plugin then check
 the option to disable the broadcast. That seems rather overkill. By
 enabling the plugin, one would assume the user already wants the broadcast
 Apologies for being a bit long winded. I'm going back to my 05:52 coffee
 now :)

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