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#15987: weight loss 1200
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 was a weekly weigh in recorded wat every week this helped metremendously
 really helped me see my progress overtime kept me on my general goals like
 a pound a weekyou know to lose 40 pounds I'm so we sell some or something
 lastlast but either way just looking back at those past weeks in seeing
 how came really out and that's something I'mgoing to continue doing means
 as well just trying to keep myselfin check have to be at like the exact
 week nowforever but keeping weekly weigh in is veryhelpful to me and my
 some to on number six is to staymotivated up whatever keeps you motivated
 keepthat in your life every day for me I like slicing my Biggest Loser
 Extreme Makeover weight loss edition I'mread like motivational quotes on
 Pinterest use mycomputer backgrounds who like a motivationalquote:
 interest change every week and you don't have enoughpicture beach on your
 computer me this disclosed really motivates youstay motivated books movies
 whatever you watching americas next top model youwork out last act
 whatever works for you stay motivated on number seven 8 arethings that I
 already did continue to do to me healthy lifestyle nasty practice and
 drink lots of waterso he's done those things into a little different now
 is thatreally being practiced it makes sense to me as much in themorning
 as you can I missed something don't mind
 [http://supercleansetotalfacts.com/ Super Cleanse Total] don't is I don't
 eat a lot night eat too muchbefore so my new plan now is a work earlier
 inthe day makes me feel much better throughout theday you don't really
 need a lot energy at night just sleep so I practicesafe sex every day
 favorite day and of course Idrink lotsa water helps me stay away from bad
 foods batchthanks to you so I hope this is helpful for you guys Iwould
 like to do like food blogs like 18 no I didn't tell you guys too much
 likewhat I actually do eat but there's just too much to say justkeeping
 this one video so I would like to do more health and fitness videos inthe
 future please give this video a thumbs up ifyou like this if you want to
 see more videos like this and leave me some comments below whatare your
 favorite movies novels what you do to stay in what motivatesyou so really
 really enjoy reading yourcomments interacting you guys I hope you guys are
 doing great I hopethis was helpful and I'll see you in the next video
 thank you for watching 1 percent one-year one amazing transformationstarts
 with him my interest now I specialize in basintransformation this right
 here for sure a system where when it comes tothe morbidly obese every time
 you tell me you can see somewith a friend soon as you can there's no one
 better with the in theyear two hundred fifty pounds yeah crazy the ratio
 and elementary PD teacher who left herown way get out of control have
 always been apretty girl trapped inside back girl's body following at only
 21 years old she'dgiven up on life and take to this with so in their thing
 do whatever it takes go go lucky for herChris is about to get her life

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