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#15990: weight loss 12 00
 Reporter:  daddy daddy         |      Owner:  EionRobb
     Type:  task                |     Status:  new
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  Version:  2.10.9              |   Keywords:  Super Yacon 1000
 while on vacation and everythingyou have to go out to eat everything on
 male my time on that in a minute home there'seven a whole lot better when
 it comes to sing special daily he's already dropped likefifteen-pound the
 bank and then they bring us out these complimentarydessert oh
 [http://superyacon1000facts.com/ Super Yacon 1000] my god I separated
 you're gonna hurttheir feelings if we don't need it louisiana where you be
 in order I how long the manager got your email Imigrated from you when you
 can even one child my head narrated seriously does notbother no original
 it was extremely difficult and kinda very far away if we don't do
 dessertsanymore great other honored as martha has beenpaying arch map for
 right here live from myhero all the way up here it's so tight so hard take
 this very inrabbit diagram as tight as I can this is really difficult to
 have theseinjuries into be trying to kid to have certainpoint in being
 held back by in rage on three months and today's the dayin six months
 weighing and I can't wait to see your preachy which he was walking up she
 look goodshe's just got this big beautiful smile on her face and itsso
 called the feed health she's she's changing haven't seen inthree months I
 get there I know and I'm good there someone Enzowoke up and i Carl even
 get a I go to walk and i cant even once I just gotback on the bed and
 waited so offer like quit hurting that bad I got talked about that because
 beforewe leave and I've got some bad news for I yeah I talked to doctor
 shot and theresults came in from your X-ray you got tendinitis and at nasa
 case afighter fish eyes in your face yes cuz that were not becoming that
 way but what we do you have planned isn'tawesome ok up to the bridge to
 nowhere and it seemsto get to that bridge you jump off for you have
 planned isn't awesome dogout to the bridge to nowhere and it's easy to get
 to the bridge we'regonna jump off 32 I'm serious I want to come up
 withanother milestone that's meaningful for her to take thatproverbial
 read the fake its gonna challenger but at the sametime it will have a
 deeper emotional impact than anythingyour men bungee-jumping before I've
 never done anything likethat from this bridge is no joke the bridges
 40stories high get several hundred foot drop time to take the lead I'm
 outlets see that the scale says the last time a slight me to 189 pounds
 again the phase 1 yes and I gave you thegoal since 55 pounds and the last
 three months forphase two at this scale says 234 pounds or less that your
 goal from her before yeah me the sale on me you racially did you go it 239
 the last fifty pounds he didn't lose 55 the last 50 when I first started
 this thing I kepttelling myself I'm not gonna miss any golf home inside
 not bad feelings but then again I have been there don'tknow now what to do
 I come and learn from it and I'm gonna go on to the nextphase economic
 chillin it was easy for youfound a positive and stay in 239 I started at
 369 as a 130 k ohms and sex life that is on believe long the good news
 isit the weight limit make the jump is 250pounds you can still do it I
 will leave it upto you only do it cuz years that's what I want we gotta
 have been a jump to make RF atthe trail you get nervous for dinner a
 period still good job rating my heart like town and

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