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#15991: weight loss 12 021
 Reporter:  daddy daddy         |      Owner:  EionRobb
     Type:  task                |     Status:  new
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 not breathing test yeah girl when I saw that fred's immediately hours
 overwhelmed with fear got Wow see I everything first today freeway I was
 absolutely scared to death becauseI am about to jump off bridge like it
 was no [http://superyacon1000facts.com/ Super Yacon 1000] joke okay
 triggered a yeah both you and when it actually came time to do it and i
 think im and I sent an email to dothis Kelly birthday cuz when you see the
 way limits youdon't ever heard and on anything shares nothing to break up
 yeah and I'mlike for OK'd scorcher gonna snap day but yethere I am
 internet my mind together factored good ol yeah I don't even know about
 wat you're not going straight towardsthe ground and never quite camp and
 backup and I'mkeep looking at it was just a mess amazing feeling by you
 uniform six months ago there's no wayjust for the day and an option for me
 because today job their weight limits certainthings and I exceeded those
 weight limit yeah freakin amazing I from savy really Yelp at play trust
 MTV's bungee cords and affect ration myselfand as the main thing that I've
 got to worry next three months this trust some a freehas officially begun
 ready your 239 right now by the end ofthese three I needs to be as close
 to fifty percentof your starting weight as you can meeting you need to
 these between 50 and60 pounds and might be a candidate for the skin
 removal surgery cell it's going to be your face legal oh my goodness very
 very could sink itdoes remove get outta here sir I S down to a point them
 around them fromMom's burns for all on love running I want to question
 somehonest like ensemble of sometimes like our union injustice here
 revision be simmered because he gets them I am can get harderand harder
 and harder working out not a problem because ithink im between four and
 five hours every singleday 8 have even know everything used dance can
 about acontrol Diamondback I think it's a good idea for make people to
 says exactly how farthey come over the last nine months and just to give
 them that that glimpse howmuch that they transform arriving here as usual
 a there was no sway as a whole newexperience well hello first time I came
 here I wasa completely different person reaching back now coming here the
 homenear outlook on life now there's a part rightnow now hell there's a
 paraffin get aretired don't yeah unbelievable she looks incredible but I'm
 not exactly sure she lost as much as I hadexpected well we are here for
 the nine monthsaway cell to see how the last three monthsback sounds good
 alright well here we are again Saturday NightLive where you know I finally
 did your your 239pounds now you can call to be around 50 percentyour
 starting weight which means you have to loseapproximately if you pass or
 to be around 190 and teachers low aswe possibly can know to get the
 surgery they step on thescale yes sir right me cell you know I finally
 gave your 239pounds and he had a goal to be around 50percent your starting
 weight which means you

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