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#15992: forgiveness compassion weight loss
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 we that we're rediscovery and so it’s not just about living longer it's
 about how we can transform our lives forth better how we can use the
 experiences pain or suffering as a catalyst urns a doorway for
 transforming our lives for the better I can't tell you how many patients
 have something silly like having a heart attack was the best thing that
 ever happened to me you're having the diagnosis have prosecuted for breast
 cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me twenty crazy they say no
 that's what it took to get my tension to begin making my life so much more
 joyful and many for that I might not have ever done that otherwise but why
 wait for a heart attack or something to get your attention is you know I'm
 hoping that today's lecture in the kinds of things that doctor Williams
 and others are doing here can help you guide that and to understand we
 don’t have just like a ship that goes of course if you can correct it
 easier it's a lot easier than waiting for something catastrophic to happen
 and even the spiritual truths that  you find in all on all religions
 altruism forgiveness compassion love are really about things occurred free
 us from our suffering and help heal us and help us live longer I remember
 the very first day the first study that I get back in thirty-five years
 ago I was a medical student I had 10 men .

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