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#16017: weight loss 12
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 something that I like to reserve for special occasions now and it's great
 for your waistline and it's free your wallet if you avoid I'm for things
 that don't previous owner I was never so did you could tell he
 started[http://strawberrygarciniacambogiapro.com/ Strawberry Garcinia
 Cambogia] working in an office a meeting of the college seventy Sony
 wasn't something you really had in the house growing up for some reason
 when I started working in an office my employer provides free zone I
 started thinking like one day okay you know that might not be terrible I
 know Sinus very common in the American diet but it it's not good and like
 the first month my weight loss that was the one thing that it can cut out
 with Mike Colder everything first month we must guys still have my ok
 every day and then just decided no you don't cut it out and my fiancé and
 I actually made a promise to each other the only so that we do have on
 occasion spray Diet Sprite on occasion I know that’s not good I should
 really cut it out completely I'm just being realistic do still sometimes
 sprite but we did make a promise to each other about six months ago
 averaging dark sodas again this more promise I made to help him dark so it
 was something that used to have a lot he's also lost 30 so now herbal
 target we and we’re just working help rest so to something that's not part
 my anymore we also give up fast food forever and that was something that
 again was more his issue mind you for every feels great so that’s
 something that's still number five I don't you from box I was never raised
 eating Lean Cuisines from a box honestly not really creeps me out I want
 to have like a really long shelf life I'm going to live forever sounds
 weird I don't want to live forever you know what I mean from who's that
 have a long shelf life that is so strange to me like that you’re pulling
 something from a box eat in a classic five years you so Indefinitely don't
 mean anything might lean cuisines or anything like that box used to enjoy
 now something and Triassic her or like very rare occasion is like cereal
 crackers granola bars those things used to be a big part of my life before
 and now they're just not in it anymore and number seven don't is don't
 make excuses there are so many species you can make always to this to
 can't work out I’m too busy I deserves is right 30 it's just one little
 pieces no there's no room for excuses I wanted very badly you change my
 life the in whatever kind reason it is for you that you want to lose
 weight for granted here for your house I was extremely motivated she just
 changed my life and there was no room for excuses no room for have it
 stays have so don't make excuses if you want to succeed you're only
 hurting yourself number is don't stop it your goal I’m not into my fad
 diets never tried anything diets never done and you know things that you
 people are like that Weight Watchers urn Jenny Craig or whatever those
 things ahead they're out there I'm not interested in those really
 interested in changing my life and I'm so please itself now let's move on
 to dues number one thing was make a mule every week before I got the
 grocery store I sit down and think about what do I need for the week and
 it's not just like the kind of grocery list everybody makes now I we plan
 out meals so there's no room forklike on latest tonight we're having you
 know Chinese food I really how many also and that really helps me stay on
 track I got to make a knowing what I'm gannet for dinner knowing that are
 you happy here it really helps you avoid so bad choices number two goes
 along with that is nutritious use my suitcases nutritious foods you can I
 lots of vegetables protein fruits the morning other stuff mourners my body
 isn't don’t creep things like cars so it is much nutritious food is at
 hand and also makes your skin

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