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#16030: Weight loss kill
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 in the ships and the calories are hundred intend and calories from fat or
 only twenty five um... help a lot to say in any of your interested in the
 protein such tier and protein what not but um... they actually takes
 pretty good I mean if they want site relief uh... deficits everybody's
 going to just tell us how to cite com Carolyn’s that really works so uh...
 basically displaced your that's that’s one thing I’m going to try to break
 all this stuff down as I gonad share looked a bit each new each week but
 something that I’ve done venom but this is just one of them this is a far
 as you know my snacking in my mind she's com this is one of my
 alternatives anyway bank transfer watching and um... I’ll will update you
 next week hopefully uh... some more pounds lost and p any questions are or
 anything and forget how much these are boxcar want to say they were like
 two seventy or something a box that they actually.
  have alone servings[http://garciniatotaloriginal.com/ Garcinia Total] per
 container about three point five eight seconds of your twenty-seven ships
 to get three point five servings uh... out of the bag and let me tell you
 what I do rail real quickly Nash has said this earlier routing out the bag
 big no-no if you're dying to not eat out the bank you need to give
 yourself some of the clocks and you count those out and that's what you
 get whatever you determine that your ..

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