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#16031: weight loss 36
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 for thievery special edition irk public report call a special dish because
 I'm going to offer myself well here today one thing I've been struggling
 with most my life is weight loss I have manager at one point take up to
 150 pounds and benefit that right back on so America today is struggling
 with the way problem that affect itself epidemic proportions and sewed up
 the freemen who I've but my life in his hands the regular basis is me
 talking to us today about weight loss and there's got to be something more
 than just died there's got to be something more so good to have you with
 us today don’t even preaches at me I know it so it's always great to have
 you here great yes the heavens and the formative thank you now America and
 we're having a problem at my opening line when I do my shows I have
 entertainment get in so I go out onstage they say I know what you're
 thinking this boys that small but the truth is only weigh 150 pounds I
 just swell when I get nervous I instill problem is I'm not really swell
 and I'm not really that nervous I have a problem aka just like
 mostamericans do yeah you know when you look at the trends you know you
 there's a there's charts that we use in our office at the United States
 and since eighties and in the nineties a few 97 98 99.
  out 2007 and so forth every[http://garciniatotaloriginal.com/ Garcinia
 Total] time you look at them the goes from I 10 to 14 percent obesity
 rates for certain areas of the country and then it jumps up a couple years
 later in the half dad another category in a couple years later .

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