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#16042: teeth teeth clear
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 hi everyone big engine and just like you in today I’m going to be doing a
 b_d_o_ on something’s that is so highly requested albums that some funny
 because by me at my channel is about BT but it's not about making up hair
 that didn't care that would sell funny is that a lot allot of
 [http://illuminatedteethfacts.com/ Illuminated Teeth] you guys have been
 requesting on something Powell’s and is itself I mean to me because really
 thought a lot about my teeth recurrences by appearing teetering teaches
 that everybody else you know you don’t think twice about your own teeth so
 I’m sorry people actually are interstellar how might take care of my teeth
 how they're so why do I do you know and I think lashed out at such a good
 video studio instead of just like they are trying to respond to everyone
 because I might congress want to someone and then only something out
 accomplices all-in-one video and hopefully it will use to questions that
 if you have any more on ways please let me know backed up and start to
 make let you guys know for a job that my teeth are just the way like those
 at the because mien name are very fit combine a lot of people have like
 thinner teak mike Ditka in Winnetka almost translucent and none because
 you're still up and sometimes it might look like it's not as my friend up
 because my still pink it looks like it but I’d like to do certain things
 to keep them maintained them com and I think a lot was should even if you
 don’t want you to think through the courageous my habit nice and healthy
 as the first off what I do is I always get my teeth cleaned at the dentist
 every six months that is still member one it most important thing that you
 can do for your teeth hard to keep them clean I’m getting them clean every
 six months mean I know everyone's busy but it you wait but I think here's
 the is just so much for the prejudice to work on and then annuities are
 healthier guns are copy because there's buildup in between the enamel in
 the com it's really important for you to do that also when you get your
 teeth cleaned your dentist or if you're going to look for a new dentists
 make sure and calling to ask a hat that when you see my teeth d_l_c_
 polishing is like this type com tool that use and decide disappointment
 decline eighty-eight after they clean and I think pocket and fucking isn't
 harmful to keep whatsoever but actually obstinate everything out and it
 just makes it easy more clean unfeeling anything helps the rigidity
 because I’m a lot of Birmingham on your teeth it's not perfectly straight
 so the bopping actually helps remove everything on the surface also so
 when its removing this up on the surface it's actually bombed giving it a
 smoother surface so whenever you brush your teeth and stuff your getting
 everything coffee compared to if you were to have like little riches and
 it's harder for you to tweet especially in the back so that is number one
 thing about hike and by sea guys it's always good to keep clean make sure
 they policy kid next what I always do is I always Tariq wire paint drink
 water hide-and-seek anythingalf avatar well my friend when I sit down at
 other dinner tables like at a restaurant they just know wake up she's
 going to have water I don't recall ha-ha judging coffee attempting
 coverage and reduce antique anything I mean you even if you can clear
 liquids it is going to be better for a speedy purposes but it does have
 sugar likes bright entities so it just going to cause more build-up and
 it's very harmful for your teeth also I don't shoot down based sugar faced
 I’d always too I am sugar-free because it's health you’re free t Shirley
 did this is because of my full empty process you know I actually do this
 because is just a few this is how always been an I’d just like water I
 don't like to pick anything else but water like immediately coke and she's
 like this much it makes me feel like I might taking a shot of alcoholic
 this house right now a funny way red tape alleged coco out of my work with
 some insight what's prime bank faces like this like act delegates like me
 taking eight shot up white cry how on earth you know breakthroughs or
 something like flat intense for me it's so funny huh decay electric water
 and then to maintain my teeth I always Alan use like aqua fresh we have to
 whitening I don't like to use out of the ones just like all-white me white
 I’m depressed reading e or Rembrandt I think this is so strong free TV_
 might making tea weaker in more sensitive bottom I don’t have sensitive
 dumb so I don't want to have it makes the prevention is key plays all
 requests are usually use the one that is out of in accordance bright box
 com and then when you get agree all silver like this and then on we have
 two points up on it my father if I just around one so imp have to finish
 this and then down that the other one and so I can show it to you guys
 that ail unfilled want to use on the bottom and I just like it because
 mentee and it works let me I don't see the difference with my teeth and I

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