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#16043: teeth teeth clear
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 now especially if you have any special event that you have to go to
 specially like it you are going to be a bright or you have com as
 something that you're going to do allot photo taking in Suffolk that you
 want to brighten up your [http://illuminatedteethfacts.com/ Illuminated
 Teeth] smile and things that you're confident he should definitely try
 crests white strips just before Thursday’s there and that is although I do
 and eve that was very simple right Humphrey I hoped that I didn't scare
 you guys come up with all the things that ideal background I really think
 that healthy smile it's very important because you know that the senator
 to be competent first of all if we do sell finally got your spouse state
 so and I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let me
 know and I’ll issue has and I think you know baddy hello someone asked me
 the question that natural trees K like hell and my caring mighty and you
 know what is what service by skipper take so for small start with what I'm
 doing here Tom Academy is that stop using to replace the stop using
 toothpaste because ohm the body has on intrinsic ability manage
 detoxification healing we tend to forget this but I'll only be able to do
 that if we take the load off the body so otherwise I'm doing is by in the
 two meals a day and not snacking in between have any idea how fast between
 Amy Lynn this when this last meal and the first meal which is much for
 most people so what this does it and I was the natural saliva should be
 alkaline to cleanse and now in plans to take and you tom also to work
 unconsciously day some unconsciously on taped a Klein so the summer things
 that you find happening initially market increase intake sensitivity but
 that should quickly clear up and it did weekly open mica Tyson effective
 for any sense to you for usually Cup died but also whydetoxing getting
 into the CAC email so it's going to feel a bit disgusting init because you
 detuning so the you got to remember to drink plenty of water and this is
 something we have to go through in a bit bad break the bad breath as a
 sign that your body is toxics it also could be sunny dehydrated and you
 keep your mouth shut all the time and it's not moist an anaerobic bacteria
 such form it's also going to be smelly so I'm district near water but is a
 possession natural flame on you take and Iran to take of bacteria which
 part of its protective mechanisms what are the things we put in and now
 especially if they're poisonous math washes and different ops to replace
 with all these different chemicals they're actually damage that bacterial
 flying actual damages structure and 6:30 till sodium laurel soft like a
 lot of sulfite I'm sir Aluminum the endocrine disruptors and nervous
 system ohm no poisonous and damage to the nervous system so these are
 things we should be avoiding now toothpaste and I mouthwashes alcohol um
 because cancer we don't know if such a thing so and a cure the natural
 flowing that bacteria nominally how to cure the back here but we in that
 picture themselves also be 12 is B-twelve the form between the taste with
 those bacteria and through a nicer parents area at the body release while
 Icon tight but when you poisoning you now with all these things that I was
 thinking never full but Tom so that's something that's to be aware of
 however should be rushing to take and this is what I have this is actually

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