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#16045: teeth care assemble
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 same thing just do a real quick some people like to make a paste that it I
 with being sold on the spoon Hula I process opened my mouth gimmicks not
 make cases that works really well get me wrong with your finger i jus use
 my toothbrush now thing about this is you don't want to do this your use
 hydrogen peroxide more than once a week so I usually do this once a week
 or once every two weeks this is great for the pH in your mouth the kills
 the bacteria is going to be great if you brat you and it works good
 doesn't work is good charcoal by I remove stains and I'll II protein mixes
 well on next one isbentonite clay little bit harder but I have great
 results specially ifyou have we seeing or leading guns is excellent
  for that now what we're[http://illuminatedteethfacts.com/ Illuminated
 Teeth] good the we will use thesis by putting on arms normal paper and
 bonded to RT president because it's clay you will like really who in their
 on the way that that I like the to do it Mel piece that this perfectly
 around my teeth like putting on their and I actually slept with trying
 this out and at results it's great right whitener remain realizing it yet
 sensitive teeth it's really good for that you'll notice if you have re
 seeing guns or

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