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#16046: teeth care poin
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 run the ball straight through your fingers has the monitor just lightly
 coated and then class UT this happened helps allot where just insuring
 have a clean mouth help set the clock tired helps too to prevent
 it[http://illuminatedteethfacts.com/ Illuminated Teeth] you have allot of
 it building up and i really suggest definitely
 going for and professional teeth cleaning at least once a year if someone
 has chronic issues lot ha crying and Dom's I'll be going twice here to get
 your teeth professionally cleaned speak your dentist about it but it
 should be done at least once a year to ensure that that everything is
 getting scraped off tonight you keep breathing it's not it’s constantly
 having its build up because that that's causing K acid to people ask me
 about sodium bicarbonate and grade hydrogen peroxide 40 play okay so with
 her sodium bicarbonate or baking soda always go elementary again we want
 to be gentleman 30 so I only suggest using it maybe once awake it does
 help to too bright in the T definitely and take removes stains but I won't
 be like using twice a day which is these once a week if you’re just using
 the same bicarbonate sometimes you can get toothpaste have extent and that
 you can use dailybennett here like clearly putting your toothbrush into
 the sodium bicarbonate I’m brushing once a week and it will bring your
 keys definitely as for that great hydrogen peroxide issue I have with it
 is that it can Road metal so if people have any kind of prior filling

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