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#16047: teeth care tools
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 would recommend them old he brushed with death because go toothbrush will
 get stayed trust me but my three methods that I have the white my touch I
 will show you a before and after picture just so you get the idea as what
 they don't 2013 specially used in really good one it actually also got by
 clicking sedan at is on Hannah advanced white toothpaste I really like the
 city-based I've been using this and all a few months probably faint July
 all guest at is just changed the way I think brushing my teeth it makes me
 not feels if rash but not overly minty because it's not that mean to 50
 best because that the but he still has a net it is slightly salty I guess
 you could say if you're not used to the whole case for baking soda but
 it's just the best toothpaste I every used that is back so I hope you guys
 enjoy the video pleased[http://illuminatedteethfacts.com/ Illuminated
 Teeth] try any that to have shown in this video big black and you like the
  men let me know by commenting below that ride taking any beer requests
 that you may have him inbox as a comment Blair Capital I the FU that it
 and subscribe for more weekly videos a pica Botha enjoy and I will see you
 next time by basically yeah got my little boy loll now got be you hmm
 battle why keened I'm want to meet hey everyone this is a

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