[Pidgin] #3658: Smiley is being send as tekst not as a icon

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Thu Jul 31 17:47:03 EDT 2014

#3658: Smiley is being send as tekst not as a icon
 Reporter:  MrWeasel  |       Owner:  khc
     Type:  defect    |      Status:  closed
Milestone:            |   Component:  MSN
  Version:  2.2.1     |  Resolution:  invalid
 Keywords:  Smiley    |

Comment (by tinglea):

 I'm having the same issue since I updated Pidgin recently. We use Pidgin
 at work as our main IM client and I'll send custom smileys I've saved to
 other people and sometimes they'll just see the text (e.g. they'll see
 ":NO:" instead of an image of grumpy cat). The last time this happened it
 was with someone else using the latest release as well, although I could
 see ones she sent me, and if I saved her smileys and sent them back they
 displayed fine. The smiley shows fine on my end and I don't get any
 warnings about size (that was another unfortunate side effect of

 I wish I hadn't updated and all my smileys still worked.

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