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#16168: muscle build ticket 121
 Reporter:  davidking60400              |      Owner:  EionRobb
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 didn't do any cardio[http://purenitratefacts.com/ Pure Nitrate] okay I got
 obviously change that or you can look back in your training for journaling
 can say fully happy 700 grams crabs day maybe I should back it off the
 five hundred but if you don't have those details then you can if you know
 if you don't measure anything you can't manage anything so that's your
 lesson next fall start measuring all your different variables last
 question 42 day goes to house in our martial uses what do you think about
 changing up your training every week to gain muscle size too for sets reps
 exercises rest periods so I’m huge believer manipulating all these
 variables every week is too frequent even the most highly skilled athlete
 the most experienced athletes bodybuilders don't need to change the
 variables from workout to work out basis maybe less than 1 0 up point zero
 one percent of the population even in that category most only bodybuilders
 would benefit from changing their variables every two to three weeks and
 the reason for that is because you may games based on progression getting
 better at what you're doing adapting to it overreaching adopting
 overreaching adopting and that's the process of there's too much fluoride
 too much for I will backfire on you and your body will adapt anything .

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