[Pidgin] #16221: Custom Emoticons not showing up when posted by others

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#16221: Custom Emoticons not showing up when posted by others
 Reporter:  zenshu  |      Owner:  EionRobb
     Type:  defect  |     Status:  new
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  Version:  2.10.9  |   Keywords:
 In my job we use spark to communicate across the team and with supervisors
 When supervisor assistance is needed we use some of Sparks built in
 emoticons to announce what we need and when we are able to help with an
 issue. Some of us like using pidgin more than spark for various reasons,
 however the 3 emoticons we use most often are not part of the pidgin
 database. I copied the .png files from sparks folder and added them to my
 pidgin custom emoticons and now everyone can see the correct emoticon when
 I put them into the chat. However I still only see the keyboard shortcut
 for those emoticons when anyone other than myself puts them into the chat.
 So my end sends the correct emoticon to the Spark users, and I see the
 correct emoticon when I use them, but when the spark users(and perhaps the
 other pidgin users too since we haven't tested it yet between us) use the
 same emoticons pidgin displays the keyboard shortcut rather than the
 stored custom emoticon.as you can see in the screenshot I have attached,
 The emoticons I sent from pidgin(the top screen) show up on pidgin and in
 spark, while the emoticons I sent from spark(the bottom screen) only show
 up in spark, and as only the associated shortcuts in pidgin.

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