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#16428: Family would be without
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 Family would be without working for him masses about the car for
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 injury the surface water damage me I am NOT going to allow my knees to get
 in the way bob is determined to keep going but how can Chris transform the
 last I just hot I just want to pop over man who can barely walk
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 I’m bob I'm 41 am I'm over 200 pounds overweight morningfellas and the are
 your favorite detective brings ally deputy friends some fresh donuts you
 know this probably wouldn't surprise you but I'm a cop but I love donuts
 welcome that was missing 1 it's only assort walk in buddy I just after one
 maybe on the way your sold company Boston here I've been working for the
 Sheriff's Department past 20 years in the recent past are Sheriff's
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 run and directly from there.
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