[Pidgin] #16717: Facebook: Server closed connection

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Wed Jul 15 02:05:23 EDT 2015

#16717: Facebook: Server closed connection
 Reporter:  Training.Angel  |      Owner:
     Type:  defect          |     Status:  new
Milestone:                  |  Component:  Facebook
  Version:  2.10.11         |   Keywords:  facebook fb
 Since 9pm EDT Tuesday, July 14, I have been unable to connect to Facebook
 via Pidgin.  This is a new issue, which may or may not have occurred in
 the last couple days, but I only noticed it as of above mentioned

 Attempted fixes:
 Log out of Pidgin and close program.  Re-open program.
 Manage accounts: unchecked Facebook, closed.  Then re-enabled.
 Selected re-connect from bottom of buddy list.

 None worked.  Pidgin shows connecting and then shows disconnected "Server
 closed the connection".  Have made no changes to Pidgin, computer or
 Facebook account.

 Ver: Pidgin 2.10.11
 Computer: Win XP, Pentium M

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