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#16690: Cannot compile 2.10.11. No makefile
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     Type:  defect   |      Status:  new
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  Version:  2.10.11  |  Resolution:
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Comment (by Man99):

 @Robby, yes and no. I'm past the disabling of vv.
 I keep on bumpin into more and more dependencies missing. Some of them I
 was able to install whatever it needed, and others I resorted to disabling
 it. I'm already at:
 ./configure --disable-vv --disable-screensaver --disable-gstreamer
 --disable-idn --disable-avahi, and then it tells me that Perl is missing.
 Og god. I ain't startin to dig for the right Perl packages. Point is, it's
 not this or that package or this or that feature. Something is wrong. I
 can think of only 1 thing that might be wrong. I'm running Lubuntu. I'm
 thinking that possibly the lighter Lubuntu doesn't have some components.
 Possible? Dunno though. I've successfully compiled many many stuff on this
 machine. Some stuff had 2-3 dependencies missing, which I was able to
 easily find and move on, but this Pidgin is just not coming to any end.

 @mmcco, no, I'm not doing any development. I need v2.10.11, and nothing
 earlier. All debian and Ubuntu repos have 2.10.9. I need v2.10.11 for some
 updated functionality that does not work in earlier versions, which brings
 me to the source code, and trying to compile it myself.

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