[Pidgin] #16315: New API for private Raw and RTP data streams

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Fri Mar 6 18:44:40 EST 2015

#16315: New API for private Raw and RTP data streams
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     Type:  patch                   |      Status:  new
Milestone:  Patches Needing Review  |   Component:  libpurple
  Version:  3.0.0hg                 |  Resolution:
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Comment (by dwmw2):

 The first patch in the sequence, adding MS-TURN TCP support,
 unconditionally uses new enum values (S_NETWORK_PROTOCOL_TCP_ACTIVE) which
 were added in farstream 0.2.5. This causes a build failure if we build
 with 0.2.4. It needs to be either made conditional, or we need to
 *require* farstream >= 0.2.5.

 I note that a later patch checks for FS_MEDIA_TYPE_APPLICATION which was
 also added in farstream 0.2.5, so if we *do* change the requirement rather
 than making the TCP support conditional, that later check would now be

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