[Pidgin] #16315: New API for private Raw and RTP data streams

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#16315: New API for private Raw and RTP data streams
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Comment (by dwmw2):

 OK, I've taken the contents of that branch and reworked it into a
 committable series of discrete patches. I have committed everything except
 ''(what is now)'' the last patch to both master and the 2.x.y branch.

 The final outstanding patch is the one which adds the

 I haven't committed that last one because I don't like it. I don't like
 the fact that we unconditionally force the use of an appsrc/appsink and
 wrap our own APIs around it. In testing, I have observed serious UI
 misbehaviour because of the (mis)use of these new APIs in the SIPE plugin,
 doing blocking writes to the media stream from the main thread.

 Surely it would be much simpler just to allow the caller to provide a
 Gst''''''''''Element of their choosing and let the pipeline run naturally?
 In the SIPE case that could be a filesrc or filesink for file transfers,
 and would it be fdsrc/fdsink for the screen sharing talking freerdp via a
 UNIX socket?

 Of course, if the caller '''wanted''' to use the appsrc/appsink they could
 still do so, and we wouldn't need to wrap its API with our own.

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