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#16835: Root certificate requests
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Comment (by AnonymerGrizzley):

 I totally agree with you. But it seems this issue isn't going to be fixed
 I stumbled upon this bug report as I wanted to use a Let's encrypt
 certificate on my XMPP server.
 CA adoption latency seems to be rather slow for Pidgin (I saw some taking
 1 year from report to integration), so using the certificate store would
 for sure improve that. It seems to be done like this on the Linux version
 anyway, at least my LE certificate works for Pidgin on Ubuntu?
 If there are reasons for not using the Winwdows certificate store I'm not
 aware of, it would at least be helpfull to be able to add a CA on your
 own. There's no fun in readding a LE certificate every 90 days (because
 the validity period is only 90 days)

 So here's a +1 from my side

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