[Pidgin] #17306: Suggestion for FAQ/wiki page Using Finch

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#17306: Suggestion for FAQ/wiki page Using Finch
 Reporter:  stars        |      Owner:  kstange
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  Version:  2.13.0       |   Keywords:
 In Finch, commands using the meta (alt) key are pretty important. But, in
 Finch (unlike some other unix programs, but that's not a problem), and in
 the default way xterm is set up on multiple OSes, those commands don't
 work. I suggest the following question and answer be added to the list:

 Commands using the meta/alt aren't working in Finch: how do I solve this?

 If you're using xterm, enable Meta Sends Escape. This can be done by
 control-leftclicking within your xterm window, moving the cursor down to
 Meta Sends Escape, and then letting go of the left mouse button. Meta
 (alt) will now work in Finch.

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