[Pidgin] #17345: Pidgin Crashes during typing.

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#17345: Pidgin Crashes during typing.
 Reporter:  iris18  |       Owner:  EionRobb
     Type:  defect  |      Status:  closed
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  Version:  2.13.0  |  Resolution:
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Comment (by iris18):

 If it didn't come with the basic install of 2.13 I don't have it. Only
 Accounts are the XMPP for google. I did let the gtk install on the second
 time I installed 2.13 (I'd uninstalled and reinstalled a few weeks ago to
 try to see if that was an issue) but I don't run anything. It's literally
 just 4 XMPP accounts and the one notification plugin.

 Yeah, and staying around 500 wouldn't be it, so we'd crossed that out.

 I even reinstalled Visual C++ when it first started, just in case that
 hated me. It's freaked out before (briefly) when I've been closing
 Microsoft Word, (every window will kind of come into focus with the X at
 the top corner red and if I dare click before that goes away, it will
 freeze) but I haven't even opened word in months on this computer because
 of my paranoia for it locking and it's never done that when Word isn't
 saving and closing.

 I used to think it somehow had a hatred of something being sent in another
 window while I typed, or hated Discord's notifications (in the Discord
 program, not a plugin) going off when I typed, but I had friends just spam
 me with messages while I was typing and that didn't trigger it.

 I once thought it was one of the names, but it has frozen when typing in
 different windows, so that's out.

 I do know the longer I leave it open and the higher the memory usage grows
 the more chance I have of it being sluggish and then eventually locking,
 but it can lock on me 2 hours after I open it, or 2 weeks after I open it.
 It's like I can do nothing to recreate it consistently.

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