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#17415: GParameter got deprecated
 Reporter:  penguin42  |       Owner:  grim
     Type:  defect     |      Status:  pending
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  Version:  2.13.0     |  Resolution:
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Changes (by penguin42):

 * status:  pending => new


 Replying to [comment:2 grim]:
 > Hitting what? A deprecation warning? There's a tons of those all over
 the place that we're working through on the 3.0.0 branch.

 Yes, a deprecation warning - but while building a plugin (matrix), not
 while building pidgin itself.   This had built cleanly until this, and we
 had been building with -Werror   Just including the purple header triggers
 the warning, even though we don't use the affected APIs.

 > So, I guess I'm asking what are you asking us to do?  To change the API
 which would break the API we can only do that in 3.0.0, we could add
 additional API in 2.14.0 which is schedule to be the next 2.x.y release
 but will be (ideally) the last 2.x release which means I have no plans on
 doing any API additions/changes after that release to the 2.x.y branch.

 I'm not sure I've got a good answer; but that doesn't make the problem go
 I can think of hacks, e.g. a #ifndef PIDGIN_HIDE_DEPRECATED around them;
 but that's pretty grim.

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