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#17415: GParameter got deprecated
 Reporter:  penguin42  |       Owner:  grim
     Type:  defect     |      Status:  new
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  Version:  2.13.0     |  Resolution:
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Comment (by grim):

 Alright, so with some testing I threw together a quick
 clean-ups pr] that'll fix your issues.  However, they won't be released
 until pidgin 2.14.0 is which does not have a timeline yet.

 I tried to find a solution that would be workable for you in the meantime,
 but you can't easily ignore the `GLIB_DEPRECATED_MACRO` on
 `G_CONST_RETURN` without disabling deprecation warnings everywhere.  And
 with my current testing, defining `GLIB_DISABLE_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS`
 still isn't fixing it.

 So long story short, it's gotta be fixed by us, which as I said right now,
 we don't have a release time frame yet.

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