Some trouble with Monotone

Ethan Blanton eblanton at
Sat Aug 4 23:11:28 EDT 2007

Laurynas Biveinis spake unto us the following wisdom:
> My local mtn tree seems to be stuck on 2.0.0 sources and refuses to
> update to anything newer than that. "mtn pull" output is ("localhost"
> instead of "", as I'm behind SSH tunnel):

Run 'mtn ls vars'; I bet default-include-pattern is not
im.pidgin.pidgin.  If this is the case, do

mtn pull localhost im.pidgin.* --set-default

This might take a while, depending on how long it's been since you
did a proper update.

If that *isn't* the problem, then I don't know ... I'm going to need
more information.


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