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Shalom Craimer scraimer at
Fri May 18 08:21:25 EDT 2007

No, choosing the language at install time only sets the *default* locale for

However, if the users sets an environment variable, then he can change the
language after installation. By either setting LANGUAGE (for all GTK) or
PIDGINLANG (just for Pidgin) to the language code ("en", "de", "jp", etc.) -
the next time Pidgin runs, it will load the appropriate language.

[Note: that's for Windows. For Unix I think you need to set LANG or some
LC_* variables)]

-= Shalom

Am I correct in saying that Pidgin won't even run in your language on
> Windows if you didn't translate the installer and the user didn't select
> your language? This is what it seemed like from my testing...
> F
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