Please update your NSIS files

F Wolff friedel at
Fri May 18 09:11:49 EDT 2007

On Vr, 2007-05-18 at 15:21 +0300, Shalom Craimer wrote:
> No, choosing the language at install time only sets the *default*
> locale for Pidgin. 
> However, if the users sets an environment variable, then he can change
> the language after installation. By either setting LANGUAGE (for all
> GTK) or PIDGINLANG (just for Pidgin) to the language code ("en", "de",
> "jp", etc.) - the next time Pidgin runs, it will load the appropriate
> language. 
> [Note: that's for Windows. For Unix I think you need to set LANG or
> some LC_* variables)]
> -= Shalom

According to the way most users work, then I would say I was right ;-)
How many windows users know how to set environment variables? An earlier
version of GTK+ had a language selector, but the newest one I checked
didn't (as I recall now). 


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