Lastlog and backlog

F Wolff friedel at
Thu Sep 27 05:56:36 EDT 2007

Op Donderdag 2007-09-27 skryf Richard Laager:
> On Thu, 2007-09-27 at 09:29 +0200, Samuel Murray wrote:
> > Any idea what a lastlog and a backlog is?  I assume this is some kind of 
> > log file.  Am I right?
> > 
> > #: ../finch/plugins/lastlog.c:99
> > msgid "lastlog: Searches for a substring in the backlog."
> If you look at this in the source, it's obvious that lastlog is a slash
> command, so you'll need to leave "lastlog" literal. *
> The "backlog" is the text in the conversation window.
> Richard

Ok, can we please add the explanation to the source code so that it is
present in the POT file for all translators?


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