Very small problem in French translation (TOC) And what is this error?

Mark Doliner mark at
Sun Dec 28 22:53:33 EST 2008

Yeah, that error message isn't great.  "TOC" is an alternate protocol
that can be used to log into an AIM account.  It used to be supported
by old versions of Gaim, but we don't support it at all in Pidgin.  I
removed the mention of it in the error message.

I hadn't bothered to change the message because it had not been
triggered in years.  But for some strange reason the AIM servers
started prompting us for this hash code again.  But now that the
message is being shown to users again it makes sense to improve it.


On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 1:17 AM, Eric Boumaour
<zongo_fr at> wrote:
> Hey,
> BLD a écrit :
>> 1) I noticed a very small problem in a French sentence. It should be
>> "Vous risquez d'être déconnecté sous peu".
>> As I can't find it in my Adium strings, I guess it's a Pidgin alert.
> True. I'll fix that. It'll be in monotone during the next string freeze (if I
> can make it, I missed the last one).
>> 2) I don't understand what exactly means this alert. It's the first time
>> I've this message and my connection to AIM looks to be OK.
>> Can someone give me a hint?
> Dunno. I got that message too yesterday. This message is quite old. IIRC it
> was when the TOC plugin was still a bit in use (or the AIM one not stable
> enough yet). I guess something changed server-side.
> Thanks for the heads up,
>   Éric
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