What is the X property?

Bjoern Voigt bjoern at cs.tu-berlin.de
Fri May 16 14:47:19 EDT 2008

Shalom Craimer wrote:
> I don't remember translating the string. However, just from reading
> the string, I assume it adds a property to the X-Windows property list
> for the conversation window, the value of which is the number of new
> (unread?) messages in the conversation.
> Does that make sense?
Yes, thank you.

After reading your hint I used "xprop -spy" to see the changes of the X
properties from the plugin, if new messages arrive. But I still wonder
about the fact that the X property changes have no visual effect in my
setup (KDE with kwin or GNOME with metacity). Anyway, now I have
probably enough information to translate the option.


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