intltool-update adding "c-format" all over the place

Laurynas Biveinis laurynas.biveinis at
Tue May 20 15:11:13 EDT 2008

2008/5/20 Bjoern Voigt <bjoern at>:
> What versions of intltool and gettext do you have? I do not have the
> described "c-format" problem with
>        XGETTEXT_ARGS="--no-location" intltool-update
> I tested with gettext 0.16 and intltool 0.35.5.

It is gettext 0.17 and intltool 0.37.1 on Ubuntu 8.04.

> I saw, that you have still some strings containing the old name
> "Gaim" in your translation. Please check this.

Good catch, thanks!


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