intltool-update adding "c-format" all over the place

Jochen Kemnade kemnade at
Tue May 20 15:36:21 EDT 2008

Hello Laurynas,

I'm sorry for not having answered earlier, but I didn't have the time
yet. I had the same problem with the default Ubuntu intltool.
If you look into /usr/bin/intltool-update, you'll find the default
xgettext arguments being set around line 760. The settings like
"--flag\=[SOME_C_FUNCTION]:c-format" being made here result in gettext
putting c-format tags before all strings, that occur inside
g_strdup_printf, g_string_append_printf and so on.
I helped myself by copying /usr/bin/intltool-update to
$HOME/bin/intltool-update-pidgin, removing lines 760-774 and adding
"--no-location" instead. By replacing your calls line "intltool-update
lt" by "intltool-update-pidgin lt", this custom version should be used
and you don't get all those c-format tags anymore.

Jochen Kemnade
kemnade at
PGP: 0xb5cb0a3f

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