Pidgin-2.6.1, LINGUAS and intltool-0.40.6

Peter Hjalmarsson xake at
Sat Aug 22 05:28:47 EDT 2009

Hello all.

It seems like distributions starts to pick up intltool-0.40.6, and so it
seems like the release tarball of pidgin-2.6.1 had it files generated by

This leads to the little cute bug

This in short means that if someone has LINGUAS set to something they
will get nothing. This is fixed upstream, but has yet to make it to a

So people, if users that compiles pidgin themselves starts to complain
about missing language support, here is why. I also urge you if you
encounter this to bug your distribution of choice until they issue a
patched/fixed release of intltool. Gentoo has already problems with many
new GNOME-releases becouse of this.


//Peter Hjalmarsson

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