Use of the name "Gaim"

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sun Jan 4 20:12:51 EST 2009

Hi everyone,

Just a few minutes ago, I looked at our existing translations.  We have a total
of 73 translations.  Of those 73 translations, at least 24 of them still use the
name "Gaim" to refer to Pidgin--this is at least 1/3 of our translations.  We
entered into a binding contract with AOL in which we agree that we have no right
to use that name; this agreement is why we renamed to Pidgin nearly two years
ago.  Because of this, having any translations which refer to Pidgin by its
former name causes us to be in violation of that contract, and is therefore

I must insist that all translators currently submitting translations using our
former name modify their translations to refer to the application by the correct
name of Pidgin.  We will correct abandoned translations ourselves through the
use of sed, however we will not accept new or updated translations that use our
former name.


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