Pidgin is string frozen!

F Wolff friedel at
Tue Jan 6 05:01:33 EST 2009

Op Di, 2009-01-06 om 04:55 -0500 skryf Ambrose Li:
> Hi,
> I just updated my POT file and found that the string "Mongolian" (a
> new string that appeared after the last version's string freeze so it
> was not marked translatable in the last version) was still not in the
> POT file. I went to d.p.i/viewmtn to double-check, and confirmed that
> the string "Mongolian" is indeed still not marked as translatable.
> I suppose since we are already frozen and release is only 2 days away,
> the string will remain untranslated for this version. I guess somehow
> we should make sure that this string will be marked translatable for
> the next version.

If it isn't marked, there is no harm in marking it now, unless we don't
want people to miss the magical "100% translated". This at least gives
the opportunity for some people to translate it in time.

In GNOME, unmarked are not handled the same way as new strings during
the freeze period, and it seems to work well.

Keep well

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