Use of the name "Gaim"

Mișu Moldovan dumol at
Mon Jan 5 04:43:15 EST 2009

În data de Lu, 05-01-2009 la 02:33 -0600, Richard Laager a scris:
> > We will correct abandoned translations ourselves through the use of
> sed

Romanian translation has 3 occurrences of Gaim. Replacing them with sed
would be fine.

> I haven't checked to see if there are more messages in this thread,
> so I apologize if this has already been mentioned. If a translation
> still mentions "Gaim", it seems to me that it's not being updated and
> we should just drop it.

Well, Romanian is updated by me, but somehow I manage to screw it up in
this respect. Judging by the strings that still mention Gaim, al three
occurrences are old strings that weren't touched recently and that
contain the name of the program only in the translated string. It seems
it was not a good idea.

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