Use of the name "Gaim"

F Wolff friedel at
Mon Jan 5 09:37:17 EST 2009

Op Ma, 2009-01-05 om 02:33 -0600 skryf Richard Laager:
> > We will correct abandoned translations ourselves through the use of
> sed
> I haven't checked to see if there are more messages in this thread,
> so I apologize if this has already been mentioned. If a translation
> still mentions "Gaim", it seems to me that it's not being updated and
> we should just drop it.
> Richard

Please don't drop unmaintained translations. One of the beauties of the
gettext translation system is that translations can serve users longer
than the translators served them. Mark the strings as fuzzy, or use sed
if you must, but please don't undo the hard work of other people.

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