More issues with source text

F Wolff friedel at
Tue Jul 28 17:01:05 EDT 2009

What is the current workflow for reviewing English strings? It is a bit
disheartening translating some new strings that seem as if they will
have to be fixed at some stage. Is it possible in future for a developer
who his a a native English speaker to review the new strings before

Some more issues:
#: ../libpurple/protocols/jabber/jabber.c:3320
msgid ""
"role <moderator|participant|visitor|none> [nick1] [nick2] ...:
Get the "
"users with an role or set users' role with the room."
should be   a role

#: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:163
#: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:182
#: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:203
#: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:219
#: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:234
#: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:346
#: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:367
#: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:399
#: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:414
#: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:429
#, fuzzy
msgid "Received unexpected response from "

What follows after "from"? And how do I move it to the middle of my

#: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:264
#: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:461
#, c-format
msgid "Error requesting "

What follows, and how do I move it to the middle of my translation?

%s %s
Usage: %s [OPTION]...

  -c, --config=DIR    use DIR for config files
  -d, --debug         print debugging messages to stdout
  -f, --force-online  force online, regardless of network status
  -h, --help          display this help and exit
  -m, --multiple      do not ensure single instance
  -n, --nologin       don't automatically login
  -l, --login[=NAME]  enable specified account(s) (optional argument NAME
                      specifies account(s) to use, separated by commas.
                      Without this only the first account will be enabled).
  --display=DISPLAY   X display to use
  -v, --version       display the current version and exit

I'm not sure why the whole string is given for translation (since
everything shouldn't be translated). This makes updates hard. It shares
almost everything with the one just below, but leaves room for
inconsistencies to creep in.

#: ../finch/gntmedia.c:159
msgid "Calling ... "
#: ../pidgin/gtkmedia.c:315
msgid "Calling..."

Can these two be aligned?

msgid ""
"<b>Description:</b> "

Is the newline needed at the start? The trailing space?

Thank you for possible corrections.

Keep well

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